Prickle People: Because life needs rainbows and dinosaurs

A year or two ago, I discovered an Instagram account that was so colourful and joyful, it felt like home. There were rainbow dinosaurs, cute little hedgehogs and sushi earrings, where one ear was the nigiri and the other the little soy sauce fish-shaped bottle. (mmm sushi… but I digress…)

Behind this colourful business is Amy Quinn, aka Prickle People. She’s got sass and style, and sells the sweetest statement jewellery.

Once we decided to work together, I can’t really describe the glee I felt to see the iconic iridescent dinosaurs multiply before my eyes! (Laugh all you like, but I felt a bit star-struck!)

Take a look at this Instagram reel to see the laser in action, engraving the funky dinos. They’re all wrapped up in the safety of the masking paper to allow them to get their cool paint job before they’re revealed to the world. Or visit her Etsy shop and pick up a few colourful goodies for yourself.

Here’s to all the adults who’ve chosen not to grow up too much and keep a bit of bonkers in their life!

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