The Paper Lobster: Embracing Colour!

Calling my stationery and washi tape buddies; I’ve found rainbow washi heaven!

I’ve never been one for muted colours and subtlety; I absolutely believe that we should live as loud and as bright as we feel. Colette, of The Paper Lobster, is the embodiment of this, with her fabulous shop filled with colourful enamel pins, stickers and, more recently, a new washi tape subscription club.

Over the past few months, we schemed, we giggled and – eventually – we produced a collection of washi tape cutters that fit her brand so beautifully. Washi cutters have a straight edge you can use to tear your washi tape to get a clean line without having to rummage around to find scissors.

Colette designed a glittery red lobster claw, an eye-catching iridescent rainbow and some funky Hello badges for those who want to wear their washi tape addiction proudly.

You can find The Paper Lobster on Instagram and you can grab your own basketful of rainbow goodies on the website.

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