Make your Mark with a Custom Stamp

Custom stamps are a sure-fire way to make your products and packaging more unique and personalised. Our laser cutter and engraver, Dorothy, is a Trotec so she was built to make stamps. Quite literally, as Trotec lasers are made by a company that created the first date stamp in 1947! Whether you’re looking for aContinue reading “Make your Mark with a Custom Stamp”

Scrapbusting Laser Cutting Materials

I’ve been making a lot of laser cut projects in the past couple of years, accumulating all sorts of leftovers from projects. Like all good crafters, I like to use my supplies to the last scrap, so today I’m sharing 5 projects that use small pieces of wood or acrylic. You can subscribe on YouTubeContinue reading “Scrapbusting Laser Cutting Materials”

These Star Designs: Filled with Love

Every project makes me feel excited and giddy for a customer, but this particular package for Donna of These Star Designs truly felt like sending a bag of my favourite pick & mix sweets to a friend. Donna’s heart design was cut in a variety of colours and sizes from mirrored acrylic. We also engravedContinue reading “These Star Designs: Filled with Love”

The Paper Lobster: Embracing Colour!

Calling my stationery and washi tape buddies; I’ve found rainbow washi heaven! I’ve never been one for muted colours and subtlety; I absolutely believe that we should live as loud and as bright as we feel. Colette, of The Paper Lobster, is the embodiment of this, with her fabulous shop filled with colourful enamel pins,Continue reading “The Paper Lobster: Embracing Colour!”

Prickle People: Because life needs rainbows and dinosaurs

A year or two ago, I discovered an Instagram account that was so colourful and joyful, it felt like home. There were rainbow dinosaurs, cute little hedgehogs and sushi earrings, where one ear was the nigiri and the other the little soy sauce fish-shaped bottle. (mmm sushi… but I digress…) Behind this colourful business isContinue reading “Prickle People: Because life needs rainbows and dinosaurs”

Wrangling My Washi Tape Collection with a Tangerine Stand

My collection of washi tapes has grown just a wee bit out of control since I started packing parcels; New colours of tape appear every time I utter the excuse “Won’t it make my packages look nice!” As a challenge, I decided to design a Tangerine Jukebox themed stand so that my favourite rolls couldContinue reading “Wrangling My Washi Tape Collection with a Tangerine Stand”

Stencil Sets and Bespoke Stencil Cutting Service

Creating textures on recycled paper is a craft and activity I thoroughly enjoy; The result is so tactile, even if you had no plan in mind as you layered colours and shapes. Designing and cutting my own stencils allows me to get the exact patterns I want to put to paper. I can get myContinue reading “Stencil Sets and Bespoke Stencil Cutting Service”

“Handmade with love” labels for knits and gifts

There’s such a joy to giving a handknit blanket, hat or pair of mittens to someone, where every stitch was made thinking of them. These custom labels use real vegetable tanned leather. Using paints and sealants specifically designed for leather, they’re then laser engraved and cut, with holes to stitch them onto the project. AddingContinue reading ““Handmade with love” labels for knits and gifts”