Wrangling My Washi Tape Collection with a Tangerine Stand

My collection of washi tapes has grown just a wee bit out of control since I started packing parcels; New colours of tape appear every time I utter the excuse “Won’t it make my packages look nice!”

As a challenge, I decided to design a Tangerine Jukebox themed stand so that my favourite rolls could be within easy reach without littering my desk.

I doodled the fruits in Procreate on my iPad, the most comfortable app to draw naturally. I popped the image into my design software to add a tab at the bottom and create the foot. A few cut tests later, the tottering tower of tangy tangerines was born!

If you dream of designing your own fun products, I’d love to help you make it happen!

Stencil Sets and Bespoke Stencil Cutting Service

Creating textures on recycled paper is a craft and activity I thoroughly enjoy; The result is so tactile, even if you had no plan in mind as you layered colours and shapes.

Designing and cutting my own stencils allows me to get the exact patterns I want to put to paper. I can get my iPad out and doodle organic shapes, then take them to Dorothy – our laser cutter – and in mere moments, I can turn these doodles into real stencils!

I use 190gsm Mylar stencil sheets for cutting stencils, so they’re reusable and resilient to the intense dabbing and paint layering that happens when inspiration hits. They’re also compatible with polymer clay, ceramic clay and so much more.

If you’re interested in a set of 6 texture stencils like the ones above, I can cut them on demand (£13 + postage), get in touch on hello@tangerinejukebox.com. Alternatively, if you’d like to have your own designs cut or a larger batch made, drop me a line for a quick chat and a quote.

Here’s a closer look at some of the painted papers created with these stencils.

“Handmade with love” labels for knits and gifts

There’s such a joy to giving a handknit blanket, hat or pair of mittens to someone, where every stitch was made thinking of them.

These custom labels use real vegetable tanned leather. Using paints and sealants specifically designed for leather, they’re then laser engraved and cut, with holes to stitch them onto the project. Adding a little label or tag to the finished item is like giving it one last infusion of love before handing it to the recipient.

Get in touch if you’d like to have your own selection of custom labels for your projects; We can create a branded design, a fold-over tag for the brim of hats or mitten cuffs, on plain or painted leather.