Hand-marbled stationery

Hand marbled Field Notes notebook, hand painted in the UK


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    Hand-marbled genuine classic kraft brown Field Notes notebook.

    Marbled with acrylic paints to create a unique design over the white background of the Field Notes notebook.

    I absolutely adore these Field Notes pocket-sized notebooks and use them daily, so I thought I'd spice them up with a bit of colour!

    This notebook is the classic kraft brown cardstock cover, hand dyed in shades of bronze, lime green, coral and golden yellow. This is a lined version, with light brown lines on the inner pages.

    Please keep in mind that each book is unique, and due to the nature of hand-marbling, the outermost pages may have a few spots of colour transfer. This doesn't affect the usability of the notebook, and few pages will be affected.

    14cm x 9cm, 48 pages